Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Santa, from Jerome

I will provide these two lists for your convenience in hope that I will get everything I want for Christmas!

PLEASE give me these things

  • 1 Wii OR 1 X box 360 WITH Bolt the Video Game  Dear J, Well, I have a policy against giving smart kids video game consoles.  Sorry.
  • 1 Swiss Army Knife – got from parents
  • 500 sheets colored origami paper
  • 1 Multi-geared bike (boyish) 

Things I want, but you don’t have to give me

·     100 sheets 8 ½ x 11

·     1 tank pressurized helium (for chemistry and physics)

·     1 large plastic toboggan

·     1 Nurf gun

·     1 subbuteo soccer field

·     1 notebook (red or blue) 

                                                                        Thank you,

                                                                               Jerome Campbell

P.S. Remember, nobody’s perfect – especially Santa

                                        I hope you like your car track. 


The aprons were received well.  The kids wore them all day.  

Asha with her American Girl doll.  Santa brought the doll and I made the three piece gown shown in the picture.  The sleeves were so small that it was hard.  I should have left the side seams to the end so I could have sewn the details of the sleeves while the fabric was flat.  I have to remember that for next time.      

Doll clothes patterns you can download for free are found here.     

Quinn eating cardamom bread, a Swedish tradition Scott's family enjoys on Christmas morning with hot chocolate.  

Quinn vacuumed all day.   


SuburbiaMom said...

Love the list and the pictures! The American girl doll dress looks great and kudos to you for even attempting it with those darn tiny sleeves.

Mommymita said...

Jerome is so funny! I think he needs to spend some time at "the lab" at grandma and grandpa's house.

doll clothes are difficult - sometimes I wish I had a mini sewing machine to sew them. But when I inspect store bought doll clothes (even the ones my mom got me from Germany) all the sleeves were set in flat and then there was a tiny serged edge underneath that is tacked down. I'd say the only other option would be hand sew them in.

I still don't know how anyone or even machine makes those Calico critter clothes. They are hard enough just to put on!

But I can't wait for the American Girl Doll stage - just hope I plan that Christmas way in advance because sewing on Christmas evening is exhausting!

BTW - how did she like the quilt?

Dawn said...

Love the Santa letter! What a great planner! And I feel for you on those American Girl clothes - we have a dress that's been cut out for 3 months now, stashed under the couch because I just dread working on it. A doll quilt sounds much better to me. :)

Marie' said...

Asha loves the quilts, but it is the pillows and the cases that she absolutely loves.

The hardest thing with the doll dress was the fabric. I used thick satin, the same one I made Asha's skirt out of. It has zero stretch to it and it frays badly. I should have used something from my quilting fabric stash. They are a lot easier to work with and a lot cuter.

I can't wait to see the dress. I hope you post it. Now that I know Kate has an American Girl doll, I have to show you where I found free patterns for Asha's doll clothes. I will post it on my next blog post.

yurika said...



Melissa said...

I love Jerome's Christmas list. It made me smile. The doll dress is darling. Who needs Santa when one has a mom with such skills.

カローラ said...

ジェズくんの欲しいもの笑える~!1 tank pressurized heliumってヘリウムガスのこと?最高ー!フィラデルフィアにいる姪っ子ちゃんも折り紙が大好きで、23日が誕生日だったから折り紙あげたんだ。


Marie' said...


Janene said...

i love it! Santa is funny! i hope J was not disappointed!

adrianne said...

That is SO funny. Stu and I had a good laugh at the Jerome's list. He may be up to something... Ohh and Asha's hair is adorable. Love it.

Marie' said...

What would we do without Jerome? life would be so dull for us. Santa didn't bring him helium, so we gave him middle school science, math, and history books. They are the kind of things only Jerome would jump up and down with joy while he opens them on Christmas.

kersten campbell said...

I am so excited to make the doll clothes with Emily...that pink dress you made for Asha's doll is gorgeous!

Krustee said...

the little dress is exquisite. I love the kids' aprons. Jerome's list is too cute, it is so him!

maicher said...

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