Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doll Quilts and Pillows

Just when I thought I was all finished with my holiday gift prep, I saw this post over at Crazy Mom Quilts.  It is hard to resist such a cute project, especially when Asha tells me that she is going to ask Santa for an Am*rican Girl doll for Christmas.  I didn't follow the measurements on the post.  I made up my own to fit the doll that is coming.    

I made a pillow and case to the doll quilt I made last year.  They match Asha's pink quilt.   

Then I made another quilt for when Asha has a friend over.  I am still working on the pillow case for this one.  

Three more sets for cousins.  

I could spend all day making these little things. The possibility is endless and it comes together  so quickly.  A great way to satisfy your instant gratification.  I am all about that.    

All the above was done pre-sickness.  Asha threw up at church on Sunday, followed by me Monday morning and Kai last night.  It is a terrible bug with stomach pain.  Scott took some time off work, and has been taking good care of us.   

This soup is what I had this afternoon when I finally felt like cooking something for myself. It is my version of the chicken noodle soup. Chinese noodles with lots of cabbage and leek in pork bone broth and Thai red curry paste.  It tasted like home.   


カローラ said...


Melissa said...

Sorry you've been sick. I hope you get feeling better soon. The soup looks really yummy and a nice variation on the classic. The doll bedding is adorable.

Mommymita said...

I've been wondering where you were.... I'm so sorry

How did the church episode go? That is bad.
hope it doesn't go through the whole family.

The soup looks great! post the recipe

And the project may be one I'll need to squeeze in as well.

One more question - How do you keep your blog from your kids? My kids are always hovering and would know all their Christmas secrets if I posted them

Marie' said...


Asha made it to the bathroom. We were so proud of her.

I don't have the recipe for the soup because I made it up as I went. I cooked the cabbage and leek in water until the leek was soft, and then added pork stock powder, red curry paste, and kosher salt to taste. I would have added carrots, bamboo shoots, and bean sprouts with the veggies, and pork roast slices on top if I have had them.

I have been posting while Jerome and Asha are not around. They were out on a play-date today, so it worked out really well. Now that I feel better, I crave a reconnection to the blog world.

jacquie said...

so cute and what great gifts! i wish i had a little girl to make these for.

Meredith said...

What a great gift! She will love it. Also, I absolutely love your choice of fabric.

Tine said...

The little doll quilt is so cute, she is going to love that.
Ugh! Upset stomach is just a pain....

まんでー said...

あちらのほうのトップの写真が変わってるなぁと思ったんです♪ みんな大きくなりましたね~☆

Janene said...

i want the recipe...I'm sick too! It's awful! I hope you get better soon! As myself. I love the doll quilts and pillows. Very cute!

Marie' said...


Dawn said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick, and that soup looks beautiful as well as yummy! Kate wants American Girl anything, and I love the little quilts and pillows - can't wait to try them myself! What a great idea!

Krustee said...

sorry to hear you all were sick but boy that soup sounds and looks delicious!! I loved it when my mom sewed little doll pillow and blankets!

Anonymous said...


I love how your doll quilts turned out. What size did you make the quilt and pillow? Also would you mine sharing the pattern for the kid size oven mit? Thanks!

Jeanine in KS