Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's snow time!

The snow, the snow, that is all we talk about around here.  The kids go to school in their snow gear and play outside during recess.  They come home and play more in the back yard until supper.  Some days they play even more until bedtime under the patio lights.   

So much for worrying about keeping the kids physically active during the winter.  I love it! 


Here is Kai taking advantage of the steep hill in our back yard.  We are glad we brought our boogie boards with us.  They make excellent sleds.  


Coming down backwards this time.


And climbing up for more.  

The best part of this is that I can see all the fun while I stay warm in the house with Quinn. All three pictures were taken through the kitchen window.     

I finished Jerome's apron.  I tried my best to refrain from any hint of cuteness.  I hope he will use it.  


twoplustwins said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying the snow as much as we are here in NY. I built a great snowman with the kids and we have been sledding most of the day! By the way the apron looks very "manly" (and cute, but I didn't say that)!

Kimberly said...

Wow! You guys have definitely gotten a lot of snow too! Looks like you're having fun with it!

Grandma's Musings said...

I love three things about your blogs--one, they are very interesting; two, you post darling pictures; and three, you keep them coming. Thanks!

adrianne said...

I love that you are using your boogie boards for sleds! We'll make sure to keep ours for the next move. We have a feeling we won't be so lucky weather wise on the next one. I'm cold just looking at those pictures!

Marie' said...

You are such a good Mom to go outside and play with your children. I only go out when I have to shovel.

Mom Campbell,
You are so nice to follow my blog. I love it when you leave a comment, too. I am no seamstress like you, but I do enjoy sharing ideas with people.

I am afraid you are right about the weather thing. There just is no place like San Diego. Scott and I stopped talking about the weather after a while because it was sunny and comfortable every day.

カローラ said...


Melissa said...

What a great snow hill right in your back yard! You know, I grew up with snow and I always loved it as a kid. It is a good and happy experience for your kids. Though I'm sure you and Scott probably miss San Diego weather.

Mommymita said...

You are so lucky to have that hill back there. That is so fun!

I think the boogie board thing is funny too.

Great job on the apron. What else do you have to finish? I'm still working on my Christmas cards

Marie' said...


The only thing that keep us adults going is the ski vacation coming up soon. We miss the heavenly weather in San Diego.

PJ's, but I am burnt out dealing with the snow. I started Asha's night gown yesterday, but was too tired to think and only got as far as picking the fabric. hot pink cotton lycra with the fabric you gave me for the trim and pieces around the neck. What do you think? Not the most Christmas like gown, but I know Asha will LOVE it. I might just make the pants for the boys.

I am dying to see your projects.

jacquie said...

wheeeeeeee! wish i was there. i love sledding..even though now it hurts a bit more than it used to!

Growinguptogether said...

I showed Troy the sledding pictures and now he is determined to come visit and go sledding.
I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should go private with our family blog. I’ve decided to instead follow my friend’s blog where she has code names for her family. I am slowly going to convert my blog over to this, starting with changing the address from Ryan’s full name to sorry for the inconvenience to ya’ll. Vicky

The Newell Clan said...

Hi Marie! Found your blog through the Whalen's blog, it's fun to see your family! your kids are so cute, and I didn't realize you were so close in Pullman...we are in Spokane! You are such a talented seamstress! Visit our blog and keep in touch, tell Scott hello for us! Emmylou Newell

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