Monday, January 12, 2009

Teaching Asha how to crochet

This one is for you, Adrianne.  Scott has spent countless hours plowing snow during Christmas break.  There was a big picture of him on the four wheeler in Pullman-Moscow daily news.  I am standing on the front deck, and what you see is only about a fourth of our driveway.  

I taught Asha how to crochet.  She started asking when she was four, and I kept telling her, "not yet".  I wanted to wait as long as I could, until she had the patience to stick to it.  I finally gave in this year after many, many "please".  So far, so good.  She has really enjoyed it.     

I was in forth grade when the grandma of my best friend, Yoko, gave me scrap yarn and taught me how.  My mom taught me how to knit the following year.  I was the happiest girl in town. 

Finally, almost long enough for Ruthie's scarf.  You can tell an angle helped her progress sometimes while Asha was in school.   


Melissa said...

Yeah Asha! My older sister taught me how to crochet and I loved it. Asha looks older. So cute!

twoplustwins said...

Scott looks like HE in enjoying HIS toy! Tell Asha congratulations, she is doing a great job. I wish an angel would help me out when I am gone!

adrianne said...

FINALLY! i LOVE the picture of Scott! where is the helmet and goggles though? :)and Kai looks so cute up there. we sure do miss you guys down here.

that is so neat about asha. once she learns to sew she can finish my projects just like her mom! at least my mom is closer now to help with my sewing disasters.

adrianne said...

i just showed stu the picture... he said, "that is the coolest picture i've ever seen!"

カローラ said...


Meredith said...

Asha is doing really well. Savannah keeps asking me when she can crochet/cross stitch etc. I'm like you- maybe next year :)

Marie' said...

You are right about that. He drove it to work when hw couldn't get his car out.

I was wondering why Scott let me take the picture. He didn't have the googles on. Next snow, I will get him.


Mommymita said...

I was wondering how you would manage that long driveway. The funny thing is my Dad has the same thing but his driveway is only a few car lengths.

Great job Asha on the project

Janene said...

way to go Asha! If you keep learning all the things your Mom is teaching could be a fashion designer or something like that! So fun!