Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ruthie gets a leotard

I knew this was coming.  Why wouldn't you want a leotard for your doll when you love gymnastics more than life itself? 
When Asha asked me,  I groaned and told her it is not as easy as she thinks.  I only have patterns for historic clothes. She got a twinkle in her eye, sat at the desk for a minute, and came up with this.   

I thought it was really cute.  
We got cotton lycra fabric from my stash and went to work.  We really did cut out two pieces that resembled Asha's pattern, and then came up with the leotard after lots of fittings and adjusting took place.  

If you make one, put velcro down the back center for easy changing.  

Scott and I made this bulletin board for our kitchen.  Sorry the picture is sideways.  I must have grabbed the original one instead.  

I have material to make two more, one for kids' artwork, and the other for organizing sewing ideas. 

If you are interested in making your own, you can find the tutorial here.  The guys at Home Depot had no idea what press board was, so we ended up with fiber board.  Make sure and have them cut it to the size you want.  It would be a pain to do at home.  

The all-cotton, linen-like fabric I used was purchased at Walmart.  I buy a lot at once and use it for the pencil rolls too.  


Danae said...

You are such a good mom. Your kids are so lucky! I love Ruthie's leotard and Asha is quite the designer. You two should start a business :)

Allison said...

Asha's pattern is so cute! You have to save that one in the files. I love the new blouse on the post below too. I like the white contrast a lot.

Melissa said...

The pattern makes me laugh. Asha is so cute. The leotard turned out great.

カローラ said...



Marie' said...


jacquie said...

you are a great mom! wonderful design too. and it's pink...so great.

Mommymita said...

great pattern making!

I also like the bulletin boards. Isn't it fun when your husband does a project with you?

If only we could get them to trace patterns with us

Meredith said...

What a fun project. Asha is a lucky girl to have a mom like you.

Marie' said...

I love it when Scott and I work a project together. We make a great team because we are so different. We cook well together, too. Scott has the vision, and I am the sue chef and cleaner upper.

Krustee said...

How cute that she came up with her own patter. She is super talented just like her mama!

Janene said...

Well, you got me going watching all of your projects! I finally ordered the broken part for my machine yesterday. I'm going to sew something soon! I don't care what...just something! Anything...something fun...amazing even...but surely not as perfect as all your projects. I'll get there one day though! I love the board and the leotard....I won't be buying Jordyn a doll. It is hard enough to make her clothes let alone a dolls. You are amazing again!

twoplustwins said...

Marie,I love the leotard and Asha did a great job designing!
The board is a nice way to organize, that is an area we are working on. I want to organize without spending any money, a bit of a problem!

Marie' said...

The fiber board was $12 and you can get four of the size I made out of it. You should ask Gillian if she wants some. The hardware was $1. You wouldn't be sorry about this one.

Have you tried the boxes?


I have been saving various boxes to make some for my sewing shelves.

Kimberly said...

Way cute! I want one for me...ha ha!