Monday, January 5, 2009

Blouse for Asha

We got another foot of snow over-night.  The kids' prayers got answered, again.  School got cancelled and they spent the morning in the back yard, sledding, climbing the tree, picking pine-cones, and building forts.  

Now the kids are all tired out, watching their favorite shows, Myth Busters and Good Eats.

Another try at the blouse.  I just love this pattern.  Asha is growing, and I am wondering what it would take to get Alison to trace the next size, 130, for me.  

Paired with the corduroy skirt I have made before.  Pardon the wrinkles.  I had to take the pics while the model was still "in the zone".  

Details of the bib and collar.  I have not laundered the blouse yet.  If you see pencil marks, you know why.       

Floral fabric was given to me by Alison. 
White fabric from Scott's old Brooks Brothers wrinkle free shirt.    

Notice our neighbor's deck.  That is how much snow you would have if you have not been shoveling.  I have shoveled a foot of snow off our deck three times.  

Here comes BIG trouble.
Quinn climbed on the dining table for the first time last night.  


カローラ said...

ワシントンに大きな吹雪が来ていると聞いて心配していました。学校がキャンセルって実は教師にもとっても嬉しい出来事です。Myth Bustersはマイケルも大好きだよ。実験好きのジェズくんにはたまらない番組だろうね。

Growinguptogether said...

Looks like you have a perfect backyard for sledding. How are you doing in the cold again?

Marie' said...


Tell me how to see your blog.
I am doing OK in the cold. Just some skin problems from the dryness.

twoplustwins said...

I love all the snow and great for sledding also. We can get feet of snow and it is to powdery to sled so as the kids say we take "snow showers"! I love the blouse it is really pretty.

jacquie said...

you asked about the uneven red polka dot fabric...(the small dots i got at joanns, the large dots are olivia dots by andover...i got them at the virginia quilter) hope that helps.

Meredith said...

What a great idea to use Scott's wrinkle free shirt. You know it will wash nice now. It turned out great!

Mommymita said...

Hey - it turned out so cute! I do like the white for the yoke. I'm glad you perfected now I can have a go at it - except we are having "pink" issues so it will be all pink.

I'll trace the pattern as soon as I can - if you trust me trying to read Japanese patterns.

I still think my girls have way too many clothes right now so I'm holding off for them. Still waiting to find the time to sew something for myself though

Marie' said...

Thanks, Alison! I will owe you big time on this one.

Krustee said...

wow, can't believe all the snow. I love Asha's new blouse! It looks so difficult.