Friday, November 21, 2008

Oven Mitts for Little People

The first and second of several online Christmas shopping orders have come this week.  It is exciting.  I am well on track to finish most of the Christmas prep before December.    

I made some oven mitts for the kids.  Jerome and Asha have been taking turns helping as the chef's assistance during dinner prep.  They have both wished at one point or another that we had oven mitts their size that were also long and covered their fore arms.  

So these are what I came up with.  (Don't tell them if you are going to see them before Christmas.  The mitts are safely hidden now.)  You can see the size against my mitts.  I quilted it with my darning foot.  I still made a few jerky points, but I think I am getting better at it.  I just have to work up the courage to quilt my Christmas quilt before Christmas.       

Now I am working on aprons for them.  Jerome and Asha never wished they had aprons.   That is just me.  I hate it when their clothes get dirty.  I am a little on the obsessed side.  Someday I will post about my laundry routine.       


Tine said...

Lucky kiddos! I especially like the yellow one! And with aprons this will be a great gift :)

カローラ said...


Mommymita said...

those are so cute! Will you make the aprons to match?

i'm especially curious how you will make a boy apron.

And even more anxious to hear your laundry routine

Marie' said...


Unfortunately, I don't have any more of the fabric I used for the mitts, and since I decided I would make everything with what I have, the aprons won't match. I finished Asha's apron, and got Kai's cut out. I am still having a hard time choosing Jerome's fabric. I know he would be over the moon excited if I used Washington State Cougars fabric and made an apron, but I don't have that on hand.