Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Aprons Done, One to GO

I love doing small projects after dresses and blouses.  They go together quickly.  

So, here are two aprons for Asha and Kai.  
I used my two favorite Alexander Henry fabric from my stash (still sticking to the "use what I have" rule), and they turned out really cute.  

I have gone back to my fabric stash several times trying to finalize the fabric for Jerome's apron.  No success yet.  I came up with many ideas, but none seem to fit a nine year old boy.  I am going to have to do some Flickr research tonight.  



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Mommymita said...

I love them! Your fabric stash is amazing .

I know what you mean about big boy fabric. It is hard to find fabric for Jammies for James.

I some some newsprint on etsy but then wondered what was actually printed on it because you know he would read it. I did get some U of M fabric but it is a bit on the cheezy side.

If only you could find some periodic table fabric - that would be perfect! Then he could wear it in the kitchen and the lab

Melissa said...

We were just talking about you guys tonight. The Bliss family was over and they are also moving to Washington. I guess they are moving 4 hours to the other side of the state. The young people in our ward are going away. Cute aprons. You should seriously start a business or become a teacher. You are so awesome.

Marie' said...


True about the newsprint. Your kids will for sure read everything on the fabric. Periodic table would be perfect for Jerome's apron. Even molecules would be great. Scott's sister has a set-up for screen printing. I am wondering how much baby-sitting I can trade for printing something like that on my fabric.

Mommymita said...

You could do plain canvas and have fun with freezer paper stencils too.

I'm still looking though and will send you a link if I find something cool

Didn't Alexander Henry use to have a bacon and eggs fabric? That might work too. i'm going to google it

Marie' said...

Found the bacon and egg fabric. It was not for sale, but somebody was selling a bag made with the fabric. It is really, really cute. It would go with the other two aprons. Too bad it is not available.

I am leaning towards a simple one like this. I will have to play with the trim, though.

Kimberly said...

If I attempted to sew one of those aprons it would probably take me FOREVER! Whew! I feel exhausted just thinking about it! I love all the stuff you come up're such a cute mom to do all this stuff for your kids!

Vicky said...

I went to a friends house for dinner and she had all of her kids throw on similar apron before eating dinner. I thought about all of the stained shirts I have and think that aprons for the boys is not a bad idea.

amandajean said...

the aprons are great!

I love it...Flickr research. ha!!

Krustee said...

you are such a good cook, I imagine all the children gathered round in their arpons and mitts taking lessons from mom.

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