Thursday, November 6, 2008

Village Frock Dress

It is wet and too dark for nice pictures, but I am happy I can see Asha in the dress.  

The pattern came from Sugar City Journal, and it is called Village Frock.  I fell in love with the dress when I first saw it in their blog, and then I was very excited to see the pattern become available later.  At $16, it is far more than I have ever spent on a pattern, but I decided it was worth every penny after seeing the dress on Asha.  The instructions are detailed with many illustrations.  Very easy to follow.  The sizes only go up to a 6, but they suggest you make one size smaller for a more fitted look, so I went ahead and did that.  

No luck with the boots yet.  



Meredith said...

Definitely worth the money- I might have to buy the pattern myself :)

Melissa said...

Marie, I know I say this over and over, but you are honestly so gifted. Each time I check your blog, I see the most marvelous things. Asha is so lucky to be your sewing muse. She looks so darling.

SuburbiaMom said...

Great dress--you said the pattern only goes up to size 6--can you make me one? Oh-- it's children's sizes...bummer ;)

You did a fantastic job!

Tine said...

SO worth every penny!! Asha looks like a superstar. That dress is fantastic.

Mommymita said...

Asha makes a great model - It looks like she is actually sitting still and I suppose that comes with time.

The dress looks great and perfect for winter. Next year she could wear it with jeans if it gets too short. And you could make her a summer one. Maybe we should plan a sewing retreat sometime!

Great job

カローラ said...


Marie' said...

You should have seen the other pictures. She was in this giddy mood, and kept making silly faces at me. I finally made her face outside and got these pictures. Sewing retreat would be a dream.


twoplustwins said...

the dress really did turn out beautiful. It is so fun to see the outfits on the sugar city journal site but even more fun to see you making them and sweet asha wearing it.

Krustee said...

Love the dress and the pants on previous posts. First, Asha has the most amazing wardrobe. Second, I wonder if she has any idea that most people's moms cannot do what you do? Super cute!