Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shimmery pink

Same pattern, different fabric.  This pink came from a yard sale in San Diego.  It is a shimmery satin with some nice weight to it.  We are looking for something dressy for the top, like this.  I still have two yards of this fabric.  Do you have any ideas for projects?  I was originally thinking of making a dress, but now I am not sure if I can pull it off without ending up with something that resembles a cheep princess dress-up.  

Next I am moving on to some tops.    


I gave Asha a new haircut.  She loves it.  It took some time to get the back somewhat straight because she has thick hair.    

Quinn had his first birthday.    


adrianne said...

You amaze me! Everything is just so cute... no ideas for the extra fabric yet... I LOVE Asha's hair! Maybe that's because we have the same haircut! What color is the paint of her toenails though? :) We miss you guys!

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Mommymita said...

Great hair cut! I'm just sad because Ashs looks so grown up, not just because of the hair but also the outfit. But she is beautiful. One good thing about the short hair is it won't freeze when she plays in the snow. That use to happen to me as a kid in MI with long hair.

I like the new variation of the skirt. I told my sisters to check their blog and now they all want to make one.

For the fabric - i think you are right about the dress looking a cheap. But you could pull it off if you vary the texture for the bodice. Something to add contrast to the shin either by way of color or texture. I'll keep thinking.

Happy Birthday Quinn! He is such chunker

Marie' said...

Sparkly pink toenails! She only owns that or hot pink. When I told Asha that her hair is the same as yours, she grinned and said, "Yep, I knew it."



I think I will try the tulle skirt idea with a fully gathered skirt. I might even have to make some roses:)

Kristen Woffinden said...

Yay, I found you! Way cute. Can you teach me?

Melissa said...

I can't believe your baby had a birthday. He seems too little. Time flies. I like the skirt. It seems like that satin and silk fabric is harder to work with. Maybe not, I'm just remember old high school sewing days.

Meredith said...

The satin skirt looks great! Asha is going to be the cutest dressed girl in her school.

Marie' said...

You are totally right about the satin. It has no stretch to it, so everything has to line up perfectly.

Vicky said...

Quinn, happy belated 1st b-day. You are adorable.
Marie, I wish I had the time management skill you do. I always amazed at your projects, so cute.
About your Christmas idea. You can get everything you need by simply typing in digital scrapbook freebies on the internet. The tricky part is to do the stuff I do you need a program. I use photoshop, that seems to be the most popular amoung digi scrapers. If you go to my blog I have a post called my meathod of maddness and I explain how it all works.

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Krustee said...

Quinn is one?? Wow. so fast. Asha's haircut is so cute and makes her look so much older!love the skirts!!! So fun to see pictures of your kids again. I've been out of the blog loop for some time!