Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter dress

"Pictures, again?!" 

Back view.

The biggest thank you goes to Alison who sent me the gorgeous ribbon, and fabric flower she made

I love it just as much without the petticoat.  It is a more grown up look.  

The picture session always ends with a monkey shot of every body around.  

Dress pattern from this book.


jacquie said...'s just darling!!!

ginger said...

Oh My Goodness! That is darling! Seriously, it looks like a JCREW Weddings flower girl dress. Gorgeous!
And I love your daughter's face in that top photo... it's one I see on my daughter quite often too. The "I am tired of pictures so I'm going to pretend I hate this but I really do love my princess dress" face! :-)

Melissa said...

I like it either way too and I love the white sash. So cute.

Mommymita said...

It turned out perfect! I love the pleats and tucks and am so impressed with your precise sewing.

I still have my hems to go but I won't blog mine until Sunday because it is too risky to have my girls try it on.

Good Work! So, what's next?

SuburbiaMom said...


Meredith said...

I love it! I looked up the book and am disappointed that I can't read Japanese :(

Marie' said...

Most Japanese sewing books are easy to follow and has lots of diagrams to lead you along. Since you already sew and have made many children's dresses, I don't think you would have any trouble. The recital book, I do admit, is a little tricky because it gives you a basic bodice and sleeve pattern and then you have to draft your own pattern for each dress using the measurements they give you. If you do buy the book, though, I would be more than happy to answer questions.

adrianne said...

love it! the flower looks so cute. what happened with the tiffany-blue sash you told me about?

Marie' said...

I couldn't find the fabric in the exact color I was looking for. I didn't have time to order online.

Dawn said...

Marie - I hardly even know what to say - what a darling dress! You are so talented, and have a darling little daughter to model your seamstress abilities. Very nice!

nannergirl said...

Stunning dress! You must be so proud.

Janene said...

absolutely beautiful!