Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter coat for Kai - Oliver and S, school days jacket and coat

He is so happy that he has been wearing it since nine this morning.

Pattern: Oliver and S, school days jacket and coat (link to the pattern here)
Their blog had great fabric suggestions for their patterns. I have bought two more patterns from them, and can't wait to get to work. Here is a Flickr group where you can see what other people have made using Oliver and S patterns.

Size: 4
Kai took after his father, and is very lean. Although he will be five in May, the measurements suggested I make a four. I am glad I did.

outer- thick dark denim with some stretch (Wal-mart, $3/yard) I should have bought the rest of the bolt. It was sold out when I went back. That was after I washed what I bought and decided I really liked it.

lining- thick fleece (the kind you see on sporty pull-overs) This one came from a fleece warehouse in seattle that has since closed. Since I wasn't sewing much back when Scott's sister took me there, I just picked up a kitchen garbage bag sized remnant bag for $10. I am proud to say that the piece I used for this coat was the last piece of that bag, and now it is all gone. It only took me 11 years and 9 moves.
lining for the hood- fine wale corduroy from the RS closet clean-out.


Mommymita said...

I'm so excited to see some finished projects! I'm not making much progress here.

Kai looks really excited about the coat and I think you are right about the fit. US patterns do tend to be bigger.

Are you going to make the vest too?

カローラ said...


Marie' said...

私立に通ってるオボッちゃまとはあまりにもかけ離れた生活してるもので... でもね、結局夕飯まで着てたんだよ。気に入ってくれてよかった〜。

Allison said...

You're mastering the coats! It looks fabulous! Is Asha's next? or did you already post it when I wasn't paying attention?

Marie' said...

Asha is next, but I am holding off until next year because she already has two coats this year.

Marie' said...

I am done with this coat. The fleece is so thick that I don't think it needs the vest. I am going to try it for Asha's coat next year.

adrianne said...

could you please send him to san diego? he won't need the cute coat, but we'd love to have him!

Liesl said...

Beautiful! And it's wonderful to hear how much he likes it. Cheers!

Dawn W. said...

Oh Marie, you are so talented. That coat is fabulous! I love it that he wore it all day. :)

yurika said...