Thursday, December 31, 2009

My sister's wedding

Everything was perfect and absolutely beautiful.

Here they are in the elevator of Hotel New Otani, on the way to the wedding breakfast.

In front of the Tokyo Temple.

My parents sitting down to get ready for some family pictures.

Dress details.

I am so thankful I could be there to witness it.


カローラ said...


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Mommymita said...

Wow - her dress is amazing! Everyone looks beautiful

I like your dress too - did you get it here or there?

I'm so glad you got to go and thanks for posting the pictures.

SuburbiaMom said...

Did someone make her dress? Sorry--don't know if all the females sew in your family?

unevensideburns said...

No, the dress was bought. My mom was jokingly telling people how nice it was that she didn't have to help my sister make a dress.

Melissa said...

You have such a beautiful sister. Looks like a wonderful day. I'm glad you got to go. I am up and running again with my blog.

Janene said...

that is an amazing dress. Just breath taking all of it! I'm glad you could be there!

Dawn W. said...

So beautiful! What a great trip - family and temple combined. Beautiful photos.