Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Dress

This dress had been on my sewing planner since summer, but I didn't get to it until the day before the first Sunday of December. Talk about procrastination, and thank goodness it was a quick project.

What makes this dress unique is cutting the fabric on the bias. I love the slimming silhouette and how it moves.

The book tells you to roughly cut the main pieces out, hang them on a hanger over-night to let it stretch on the bias, and then cut it out exactly. I should have taken that seriously. I did 4 hours. The wool stretched another third of an inch while Asha was wearing it, and covered the ruffles more than my liking. I am going to take the blind stitches out and hem it shorter for the full effect.

Pattern: Style D-1 of "Concert and recital dresses for sisters" (link here)
Size: 130
Fabric: The grey wool came from the thrift store. You can't beat $2.37 for 3 yards. The black satin used for the lining and the ruffles came from Joann's.


カローラ said...


Mommymita said...

I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever and it's been less than a week - what a fun surprise that the dress is done. Now I want to make it.

She could even wear a turtle neck under on cold Sundays and it would still look cute.

Bias can be hard to work with but it looks great!

Marie' said...

Let me know what sizes you want, and I will trace them for you.

adrianne said...

pretty! she looks so grown up.

Melissa said...

It's darling. Loved your Christmas card. I sent you an e-mail too.

Marie' said...


Allison said...

So cute! That's so interesting about letting the bias stretch. I learn so much about sewing from you Marie'.

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