Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wardrobe refashion: Houndstooth Check Skirt for Asha

Before: a nice Laura Ashley "pleated" pants I never really wore
After: an A-line skirt for Asha
Pattern: view S of Stylish Clothes for Girls


twoplustwins said...

I love the skirt! Really cute and a great way to use some old clothes. I wish we lived near, I know I could learn so much more about sewing from you!

luminousquilts said...

Fantastic. I didn't even know that was possible. Thanks for sharing. Sewing clothes terrifies me!

Mommymita said...

Asha - the skirt makes you look so mature!

It turned out great Marie', did you line it? Is it machine washable or are you going to wash on gentle

I wish I had some good clothes to refashion but most of my things are pretty warn out and beyond refashioning - That is why I need to still go garage saling

カローラ said...



Marie' said...

I did line it with the lining material from the pants. I combined the two tubes to make one. I am going to put it in my circular net (lingerie net, but bigger) in cold wash and then hang dry. that is what I did with the pants back when I wore them a few times.

Your garage sale and thrift store finds are exciting. You have an eye for it.

今日はなかなか真剣に写真取らせてくれなくてたった一枚まともなのがこの写真だったの。わざとお腹見せたり舌出したりで。趣味で勝手にやってることだからおこれないし。 参った参った。
今度古着屋さんとかで大きいサイズの服を安く買ってスカートにしたら私用も作れるかも... と思ったんだけどこの小さい町に古着屋さんはないのでした。

SuburbiaMom said...

Love it!

Meredith said...

Asha is just stylin'. I wish I could sew like that for my girls. I haven't been able to sew for a month- it has been tough.

Trixie said...

so cute, can you make me one? :)

dana said...

Great refashion. I love the houndstooth.

Danae said...

What a beautiful skirt on a beautiful girl. Asha is getting so grown up! Great job!

Dawn said...

Darling - what a great and stylish idea! You are truly talented - where do you find all the time?