Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time to check out the fabric shop

No, I haven't moved in.  No, my sewing machine is still in PODS.  But I can still buy fabric, right?  While Jerome was at a second cousins' birthday party and Asha was grocery shopping with Aunt Tamsin, I dropped into a cute fabric shop in the down town area.  The inventory was down from when I was there nine years ago with my Mom, but i still managed to pick up a few things.  

Christmas fabric from Moda, Winter.  I have always wanted a Christmas quilt, and I think this is the year I will get one.  I am going to use this pattern as an inspiration.         

Deals from the clearance rack.  Blue and pink ones were 50% off, and the white was 40% off.  

Scott came into the shop after he checked out the bike shop around the corner.  He was surprised to see Mr. McGrath there behind the counter.  It turns out that the owner was his fifth grade teacher.  He and his wife had bought the business 11 years ago and had hired people to run it while they both taught school.  Last year they both retired and started to run the fabric shop themselves.  I'm sure this is the kind of thing that happens a lot in small-towns like Pullman.   


twoplustwins said...

I love the fabric and the pattern is amazing! I have always wanted to make a beautiful tree skirt...someday :o)

Tine said...

That is a beautiful mix of Christmas fabrics! Your quilt will be wonderful! I like the story of the quiltshopowners.... That's my have a quiltshop :-)

Jacquie said...

what a nice way to the fabric shop. i'm sure you'll be a regular customer. lovely fabrics!

Jules said...

You are always impressive. The closest I got to a christmas quilt was the tree skirt I made starting sixteen years ago. It was billed as one of those "everyone can" classes. I had to buy all new fabric after my first three attempts but I did eventually make a skirt.

Kimberly said...

I think your Christmas quilt will be stunning! How fun that you could go shopping,kidless, for a little while. Have you started reading New Moon yet? I just started Breaking Dawn last night...

Marie' said...

A cute quilted tree skirt would be cute. There is another line from Moda called "It's snowing" and it is really, really, cute.

Your comment brought back some memory. My dad used to tell my mom that some day he would buy a whole fabric shop for her. I thought it was so cute.

I usually do my fabric shopping online, but there is something special about seeing and feeling the fabric in person.

You are always so humble. I know you are a great seamstress and quilter. Tree skirt sounds like a fun project. i might try making one with leftover fabric from the quilt, if there is any.

Wait, how did you get Braking Dawn so early? I thought it was coming out on the forth. I started New Moon because the first chapter was in Twilight, but now I have to dig through my stuff to locate the book.

kersten campbell said...

That Christmas fabric is beautiful! I can't wait to see the quilt!

Mommymita said...

You are great to focus on a Christmas quilt now because December is crunch time!

That is funny that Scott's teacher owns the store - Jerome probably got quite a kick out of that. When you are a kid you really don't think your teachers live normal lives. But then again maybe it isn't normal for a grown retired man to be working in a fabric store.

Krustee said...

I love seeing your fabrics and projects. I had fun reading over your blog and seeing all the amazing things you have made. You have such an eye for great fabrics and what looks good together. I can't wait to see how the quilt turns out.

Marie' said...

Now I can show my projects to you in person.

That is so true. Asha saw her pre-K teacher at Costco on day, and that was a huge surprise to her. She kept giggling all day because she thought it was so funny that her teacher does Thanksgiving shopping too.

My next project is pj's for Christmas morning. I just loved your pictures.

Too bad we never had the chance to sew together.

Melissa said...

See, now there are things I learn about you from your blog that I could just never know from visiting teaching. I had no idea how handy you were with the sewing machine. I admire that so much because I have the hardest time. I am sure your Christmas quilt will be beautiful.

Marie' said...

You are so sweet.

Krustee said...

believe me, I am devestated that I didn't learn to sew from you. I was always in awe of everything you made and thought if you taught me to sew maybe somehow the artistic eye you have would be passed along as well.

amandajean said...


I think this year is the year that I make a Christmas quilt to keep as well! such a great idea. :)

I love your fabrics!

Marie' said...

I would have enjoyed sewing with you. You have great taste.

I thought you would have made a Christmas quilt by now. You make so many. I guess the one your quilted was your friend's.