Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feeling normal again, almost

I always have a goal to finish putting the house together in two weeks.  That was last Thursday, and I am almost finished, but not quite there yet.  The last five boxes are tricky.  They are full of random junk I gathered from other boxes.   

We love the house.  My favorite part is the view out of the living room.  The rolling hills started turning colors from deep green to gold the week we got here, and now it is all shiny gold.  So pretty.  We saw a rainbow yesterday during dinner.


Jerome and Kai, despite our many warnings, had to try out the steep driveway on their wheels.  Jerome went first on the Plasma car followed by Kai on his trike.  Scott ran out the door as soon as he saw what they were doing, but it was too late.  Kai got a big scrape on his forehead.  Jerome was fine, but he went down a second time on his skateboard with Kai on his back, and they both came back scraped up.  Everything with wheels are locked up in the shed at the moment, perhaps until we get a padded gate at the end of the drive way.    

We bought so much on our first Costco trip that our cart looked like this.  A few minutes after the photo was taken, we gave up and got another cart for Quinn's safety.    


Kimberly said...

I bet it feels so good to be moved in and have your own place again! Only 5 more boxes...sounds like you've been working hard!

twoplustwins said...

Yay, you are back. I am impressed you are almost unpacked. We have lived here for about 7 weeks and I am STILL digging through boxes. I did manage to clear out a ton of things and am giving them away or have loaded them in the car for goodwill.
I love the view out the window, looks like home...or someday, for now this is home. I hope you post some pictures of the house soon.
BYW...sorry about the boys and their scrapes! some things they just have to learn on their own :o(. I hope they are doing a bit better.

Jacquie said...

sounds like all is going pretty smoothly except for the daredevil driveway. cute pic in the costco almost lost him!

Tine said...

Quinn does look kind of squashed there, but very very happy :-) Such a cute photo!!

Dawn said...

Marie -
Hi! I just found your blog through Scott's blog, through Nigel's blog, through Lanita's blog ... and how fun to see that you are a quilter (my favorite hobby). I am currently working on a quilt for Kate. Every once in a while Scott & I still laugh about the story of you being pregnant and craving oranges so much - We sure had fun in Pullman! Your family has grown and looks cute!

Melissa said...

I love your updates. The rainbow is gorgeous. I remember whe had a long driveway growing up and there were some major incidences as smaller scrapes. All part of the fun of having more space to ride around I suppose. Could Quinn be any cuter?

Mommymita said...

It must feel good to be on the other sude of a move

I love the picture of Quinn! I once had Henry in his seat and piled some bread on his lap - only his head was exposed but somewhat caoflaged. The employee un loading the cart was quite startled as he began unloading the cart. But Henry was safe because it was just bread. James had the other cart full of heavy stuff.

Marie' said...

Yes... but I still have five boxes after a week.

Isn't it frustrating that you have moved all of those things just to give/throw away? We have had two all-expense-paid moves where I didn't even go through the stuff before it was packed. I spent the next few weeks throwing things away. The movers even packed the trash cans with the trash still in them.

We've finally got another "good to take to shopping" baby.


Hi there! Where are you guys now? In seattle?
I would love to see pictures of quilts you have made.

we will see how I feel about the driveway when winter comes and it freezes up.

How do you go to Costco with all your kids? Any tips? I just can't wait until Kai gets out of the crazy phase of running around the store. He scraped his foot, hit his head, and fell off of a box during our last shopping trip. I need a five point harnes tied to the cart next time.

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