Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring break in Seattle- part two

After Archie McPhee, we went to Gasworks Park, which was on the other side of Union Lake from our hotel. There were many people out enjoying the sun and the park was lively. We watched people flying kites, kids roll down the grass hill, while we threw a frisbee and a parachute ball.

We rode the street car to Pike Place Market once we parked our car back at the hotel. Pike Place Market is one of our favorites as each of us has something we look forward to.

First stop was the Pike Place chowder. It was past lunch time but the line was still very long. We got in anyway and was pleasantly surprised at how fast it moved. I guess pouring soup in a bread bowl doesn't take much time. We had our favorites, clam chowder, seafood bisque, and salmon chowder. I usually double or even triple the amount of clam when I make my chowder, and theirs is just that way. So much seafood goodness in every bite!

From there we visited the coin shop for Jerome. He carefully made his picks after admiring all that the shop offers. There was this wall right outside the coin shop that showed how tall the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow was. 8 foot 11 inches. From the opening above Asha's head, you could sea the actual shoe he wore, size 37.

We stopped at the magic shop for Kai. He loves everything sold there. This time he got a small box of fireworks. I can't remember what they are called.

Scott and I like Sur La Table, the kitchen store, as they have every gadget imaginable. We refrained from visiting this time. The last thing we need as we go through the reno is more kitchen stuff. We will be back next year.

Scott usually buys fresh ingredients at the fish and produce market for a special dinner, but our hotel didn't have an oven and the stove was very weak, so he gave up on that this time.

We stopped at Bottega Italiana for some gelato after we admired the chocolate making at The Confectional. If you like really nutty flavor, you will like their pistachio jelato. The raspberry that most of our kids got was also very good.

There were a couple police officers on horses that smiled at the kids and let them touch the horse. That was a treat for the boys.

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