Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Floor choices

We had been pretty sure that what we wanted on the floor was dark stained bamboo from Cali Bamboo. (pictured in the middle on top of the cabinet door) We had soaked the sample piece in water over-night, and it didn't change it's shape even a bit. It only discolored a tiny bit on the end that was cut. It is solid, heavy, and just feels like a great product.

Yesterday, after Scott got a quote from Cali Bamboo, I went to the local floor company to see if there was any cheaper alternatives, just to do my due diligence before we made the order. What do I know? I came back with three laminate wood samples, and they look pretty good! The store clerk kept saying it is not your grandmother's laminate floor any more. At the price point being almost a third of what the bamboo is, I can't see why we wouldn't.

The top right one is a little dark and sucks in the light. The bottom one is pretty and we like the distressed detail, but it looks too red at night. So the top left is our favorite.

How does wood laminate do in the kitchen? Any experience?


SuburbiaMom said...

We had wood laminate before our current flooring. It holds up well in a kitchen because it can handle water better than wood. If you were to go with real bamboo, it is rather soft, compared to hard wood, and dents easily (and things get dropped in kitchens!)

Mommymita said...

I love the progress and process you are posting. We didn't get to catch up on the phone but happy I got to catch up here! The laminate looks good to me and probably easy care

adrianne said...

we have laminate in our townhouse here. and i hate it. it dents easily and scratches pretty easily too. especially with the kids in and out of the kitchen all the time.

i do like the stain choice you picked though!