Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year our friends(the same ones that had the 80's party last year) invited us to a murder mysery party. The sciene was set in Chicago in the 20's. Scott was a shady business man and I was a sociolite . Here we are on the way to solveing a mystery.

Jerome was the Grim Reaper. I made a skirt with a draw string, a top on a bias, and attatched a hood. Karine gave me some black remnants from her project, so there was no cost. Because I draped everything straight on the body, the fit was great. Jerome made the sythe with card board, aluminum foil, and duck tape.

Asha was a journalist. A french kind. I made the jacket as you saw in the previous post. She made the "press" tag. Bryan generously gave her several vintage cameras to complete the look.

Kai's costume came from Amazon. He was very paticular about exactly what kind of Ninjya he should be, so I didn't bother teaching him about real Ninjyas, nor worrying about making him look authentic.

We successfully steered Quinn away from the pink flamingo costume, his original plan. This picture was taken at the church carnival.


SuburbiaMom said...

Awesome! You and Scott look so "dapper!"

Holly said...

Don't forget! You weren't JUST a sociolite--you were good with a Tommy gun and good at driving big trucks! hehe!

Mommymita said...

You guys are so fun to dress up - you look great!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Looks like a fun Halloween!