Monday, October 31, 2011

Cropped jacket for Asha

Last year I made a goal to challenge myself physically and see if I could get back in shape before I turn forty. I am not going to bore you with the details here, but let's just say it has been a journey. As it turns out, I am not good at managing two projects, and sewing had been put on hold... until this past week.

In August we took a trip to Banff and surrounding national parks as a family. On one of the harder hikes, I was trying to make conversations with Asha in a desparate attempt to distract myself from the huff and puff. The topic of Haloween costumes came up. Before I knew it, I had committed to sewing Asha a jacket. Who knew being in nature with people you love could make you do such things.

Fast forward to last week...
I turned to my new sewing book I got from Japan titled "Sweet Girls Clothes" and choose style V in size 140. Here are the measurements the book gives for size 140. Height 140cm, chest 68cm, waist 57cm, hip 73cm. I think it is a smaller size 10. This is what the cover of the book looks like.

I used denim from my stash.

To minimize bulk, and to keep the project interesting, I tried my hand at a Hong Kong seam. Changing the thread back and forth got tedious, but I love the end result.

She wore the jacket to church. A picture of the jacket complete with the rest of her Halloween costume is coming in the next post.


adrianne said...

you're back!

the jacket looks adorable! she can wear that with so many things. i love it. when are you going to start selling them? :)

i'd like two. 2T and a 6X/7. thanks.

Allison said...

I love the jacket! You'll have to tell me more about the Hong Kong seams the next time I see you. I really like the contrasting fabric on the seams. I don't know if I would have the patience to ever do it, but I'm still curious to know how!

SuburbiaMom said...

CUTE! Asha is really growing up--are you beating the boys off with sticks, yet?!

Mommymita said...

You do such beautiful work! And I'm also impressed with all your running and working out too. Way to stay fit and creative!