Monday, January 17, 2011

Quinn turns 3

This happened last year on November 6. As he is number four in our family, we managed to make the cake but didn't get a party organized. It was all good for Quinn, though, who throughly enjoyed the occasion.

Aunt Tamsin and uncle David stopped by with a can of toffee peanuts. They told him and his family that Quinn didn't have to share, but Quinn quickly forgot about it and shared the can with everybody. After all the times his older brothers and sister brought home and shared sweets from school and birthday parties, it was finally his turn to be in charge and share. His face was beaming with joy.

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Melissa said...

I love him. He's as sweet as he is adorable. Happy birthday little friend. I feel so bad. Last week your Christmas card came back in the mail. I guess we had the wrong address. So strange!! Sorry abt that. We loved your card and funny letter.