Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jerome's Birthday Party

This was the best birthday party, ever. Jerome planned and executed all the activities. He and Asha cleaned the whole house and decorated. Scott bought the pizza and I made the cake. Instead of running around, I really got to enjoy the party.

Here is Asha putting the last minute touches to the table. She worked so hard for her brother.

Everybody enjoying the food after a big water balloon fight in the yard.

The boys worked on one of the presents.

Niece Jennabee came and watched Quinn so I could enjoy the party. She is an angel sent from Heaven, and we love her.

Jerome is starting middle school in August. I feel old.


SuburbiaMom said...

I love the birthday flags--I need to make some of those!! You are not old--just Jerome :)!

adrianne said...

Middle school? I feel like we were just at his baptism! I'm glad you used the party flags - those were the best things we ever made!

Mommymita said...

Great idea to have a babysitter. I wished I had one for Henry for our family reunion

Grandma's Musings said...

What a fun party! Those flags make such a nice tradition. Besides being festive, they signal "party time" by recalling special events from the past.