Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Winter jacket for Quinn

Quinn had a Gap corduroy coat last year that I loved.  It could be dressed down for jeans, while also looking great with church clothes.  Now that he has grown out of it, it was time to sew one up for this year.  I started with suiting fabric I had bought when Jerome was little.  I was pleased that I still liked it after 9 years, while fashion trends have changed quite a bit.  I added a lining of sweatshirt fabric for warmth.  I made a label out of the tiger in a Echino scrap fabric Alison had given me.  It pulled all the colors together and gave the jacket that little detail I was after.   


The mustard corduroy came from what was left of Asha's bubble skirt, and the sweatshirt fabric for the lining came from Scott's old Cougar sweatshirt.  

Size: 90


Claudine said...

Fantastic. I love everything about it. The color combination, the appliques, the suiting fabric for something more casual. It's hard to make clothes that look cute and boyish, and you did a great job!

Jules said...

What can I say? The aesthetic, the groove, the frugalista touches (recycled sweatshirt!)... C'mon, baby, give the rest of us a chance. I've moved beyond envious right through awestruck and I don't even know what I am now. I do love to pass out your blog address and emphasize the fact that we're related.

SuburbiaMom said...

It turned out so cute! Houndstooth will always be in fashion!!

adrianne said...

what can't you do? seriously.

dana said...

Brilliant and adorable! LOVE it!

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Jackie said...

The coat is wonderful! Love the little punch of fuschia and the suiting and lining fabrics are gorgeous!

Grandma's Musings said...

Marie'! It's darling--just the thing for Quinn's personality, too. He doesn't put on airs even though he's dressed in the height of fashion and good taste!

Mommymita said...

I'm at the library and been craving internet connection for too long!

I love the coat! I love the way it all ties together. You have just proved that little boy's clothes can be really fun to design and sew

Janene said...

that is nice!

jacquie said...

girl, you can sew!