Sunday, October 4, 2009


My mom made two beautiful nightgowns for me right around the time I was Asha's age.  I finished this nightgown for Asha today, and enjoyed watching her excitement as I reflected on my own. 

It is interesting how my prospective has changed over the years.  When I was in college and was taking all the childhood education classes, my judgmental eyes and immature prospective led me to make a list of what my mom was doing wrong.  I often got in trouble for giving parenting tips off that list.  I felt excited to raise my own children so I could try the new and better way of raising.  Once I had Jerome, I quickly gained respect for my mom's selfless act of going through the pain of bringing me into this world and caring for me.  I was humbled and determined to work as hard as she did.  Now that I have four, I am constantly in awe of what my mom has accomplished.  Raising five children in suburbia Tokyo while working as a nurse was no easy task, especially how she did it.  She never cut corners and always strived for excellence.  I would be happy if I could pass along to my children even half of what she has given me.  

Perhaps that is one of the reasons I sew.  I am trying to carry on the heritage.    

fabric: double gauze
pattern: vintage Simplicity pattern from etsy
size: 8 


Melissa said...

I had the same feelings. I used to be more critical of my mom too before I had kids. Once I had Nicky and discovered how it really is to be a mom, I was much more forgiving and respectful. I love your sewing and Asha's new nightgown. I admire you so much.

yurika said...




Meredith said...

So true.... It is easy to be critical without experience. I was touched by your words and had similar feelings to my mother. She was also a wonderful mother.
Oh- and the nightgown was beautiful.

Mommymita said...

The double gauze looks so comfortable!

It took me a few months living in my moms basement to be re-trained in motherhood. I've learned that we can't do it ALL as moms but we CAN do what is most important.

SuburbiaMom said...

You are doing a wonderful job!! (In sewing and mothering).

Allison said...

I love it! And the baptism dress is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in person on Saturday. It will just be me and the girls because all of the boys have soccer at 9:30.

Marie' said...