Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall/Winter sewing camp: the planner

After looking through all the fabric, patterns, and the few clothes Asha can still wear from last winter, Alison helped me come up with a good plan for fall/winter sewing.  I made a chart to organize it in my binder.  Here is one of the pages.  If you are interested in the books I am getting the patterns from, you can check our Japanese sewing blog.  

We are deep into the canning season.  My kids are loving all the fruit and tomatoes.    

Quinn likes to talk to the birds.  "Birbie, birbie" he calls, and then gets sad when they fly away.  

Here is Kai grinding the wheat for me.  He takes this job very seriously, and does a great job.  


Kimberly said...

Kai and Quin have changed so much! I'm impressed with your canning and sewing journal...looks like you have a lot to keep you busy!

カローラ said...


Meredith said...

I loved your planning and sketching...sigh...Someday I will become more organized. I'm amazed by all you accomplish Marie.

Dawn W. said...

Wow - you are organized! Good luck with that - can't wait to see all the results!

Danae said...

Marie - You amaze me! I love your sewing journal. What a great idea.

Mommymita said...

Where did you get all that fruit? We went picking but it wasn't great stuff.

I think you should post a pdf of the chart because I could use that and I'm too lazy to create my own.

Maryanna misses Kai!

Marie' said...

リストといえばCrazy Mom Quilts のリスト見たことある? キルトが100個以上あったよ。

We got the fruit from Lewiston. I will work on the PDF.

Melissa said...

Looks like you will be very busy. When did your babies get so big? Cute, cute pictures.