Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Puffed Sleeve Shirt

Quick post before I have to run my kids over to the aquatic center for swim evaluation.  I know.  Summer is here.  My kids are getting out of school tomorrow.  I am so excited!  

Here is a puffed sleeve t-shirt.  My friend, Keiko, gave me the pattern.  Thank you so much.  We love it!        

Kai started swim lessons.  He can now swim about 3 yards to the end of the pool.  

Can't get enough of this.  

Here is a better picture of the shirt.  


Meredith said...

I love the fabric choice. It turned out great! I have been frustrated that my serger has been in for repair now for 6 weeks! :(
Summer is in full swing at our house, we're up for swim lessons in a couple of weeks :)

カローラ said...



SuburbiaMom said...

CUTE shirt! And love the cup stool.

Marie' said...

That is frustrating! I would hate not having my machine around.

私も着てるよ!しかもオールとネービーの。でもかわいいよね〜。開は裕子ちゃん写真見て「It's Yuko!」って言ってた。もうイーヒーちゃんじゃなくなっちゃったよ。

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

So cute!

Keiko said...


Marie' said...

いいとこ教えてくれてありがとう!!! かわいい柄がいっぱいだね〜!今夜子供寝かせてからゆっくり見よう。なんかいっぱいかってしまいそうな予感。$3.50は激安だよ。ニットはfabricfairyでしか買ったことないの。Cotton Lycra かCotton Interlock買ってる。

Mommymita said...

cute shirt! What pattern is it? it looks kind of like the one in the adult lockstitch book.

Asha makes a great model

Marie' said...

It is from a Japanese pattern website called Milimili.

Melissa said...

Yeah for Kai. Nicky is taking swim lessons but has reached an impasse emotionally. Hopefully by next summer. I love how the little kids stand on all kinds of things. Cute cute pictures and darling shirt.

Dawn W. said...

Again, love the fabric and the shirt. We miss the Aquatic Center, but especially the Moscow pool. Great inventive stepping stool too!

Lisa L said...

Darling shirt and I can't believe Kai is so big!!!!!!