Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whirlygiggles finished

It is finished!  I am so glad I decided to have a quilt to practice the free motion quilting on.  It surely was helpful to get all the little detail and technique down.  I read everything Amandajean wrote on her tutorial and the flickr group discussion she linked to.  Getting the thread tension right was the hardest.  I kept breaking the needle, too, because I couldn't keep a steady speed.  I can't wait to get more practice.  The binding is a scrappy one from all the left over fabric.      

Quinn's recent  pastime: playing with the pumpkins Aunt Kersten grew and gave us.   

Now off to gymnastics.  Thank you all for your support!  


twoplustwins said...

the quilt is beautiful. I would love to have all those beautiful quilts laying around my house! I would probably just leave them out so I could admire them whenever I turned around. They are really amazing. My kids do the same with the BIG and little pumpkins, I think it is fun to watch them play with them and when they look beat up enough I cook them for making pies and other yummy fall foods. Sometime show us a picture of the back of the quilt.

Allison said...

Gorgeous!!! You did a great job with the machine quilting!

Mommymita said...

That is terrific - I'm glad you have the experience so now I know who to call for support on such a project

i like the scrap binding also. I can't remember did you ever post what size it is? Is it possible to machine quilt bigger ones like twin or double?

Marie' said...

I am with you on wanting the quilts all around the house to look at. I LOVE anything pumpkin to eat. And speaking of fall, I have all this orange and eggplant color fall fabric I got from Crate and Barrel outlet for $1 a pound. If you live close to one of those outlets, check it out. It is in a wood barrel located right by the home decor fabric section.

Oh, thank you. It was harder than I thought to make smooth curves, and there are many jerky curves. I hope I will get better at it.

It is about the width of a twin mattress and the length is a little shorter. I have quilted Asha's twin size quilt that was 86 by 68, and the guest room quilt is a queen as you know.

Melissa said...

You're amazing!

Meredith said...

That quilt turned out beautiful!

Dawn said...

Marie, I love you taste in quilting - what a fun quilt, and where do you find all the time?! Scrappy binding is my favorite - it gives quilts so much personality!

Tine said...

The quilt is looking really good! Needles break all the time for me too, oh well, hopefully it'll be better on the next quilt :-)
Or at least we'll know to have a lot of needles before starting out! Loving the pics of your little guy and the pumpkins. LOL!

Marie' said...

Melissa and Meredith,
Thank you for the quilt love!

Doing, exercising regularly, and having this blog has really helped me manage my time.

I just bought 35 needles. Do you think that is enough for a while?

jacquie said...

great, great job! i'm loving free motion more and more. this looks lovely.

kersten campbell said...

Oh my gosh you are such an artist! Marie that is so beautiful!!

Janene said...

It's beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that. My mother is learning right now as well. I love the little pumpkins as well!

Marie' said...

Jacquie, Kerstern,
Thank you!

Your Mom is so lucky. I would love to take quilting classes someday. I don't like to be away in the evenings, so maybe when Quinn is in school.

Jackie said...

What a lovely quilt. I'm a new quilter taking my first class and bound and determined to learn free motion quilting as well. I had the tutorial but will also take a look at the flickr group!

Marie' said...

Hi Jackie,
I am dying to take a class someday. I hope you will share what you learn at the class in your blog.

Vicky said...

There is so many things to comment about. Looks like life is treating you well. What a beautiful home. I'm so impressed with all of your sewing. The kids are getting so big and cuter every inch. I love your blog, you are so very talented. My blog is
If is OK I'm going to link your blog to mine, so I can keep in touch. Thanks for the card.

Kimberly said...

I love the name of that quilt..."whirlygiggles." It just sounds adorable! And, look at your baby! He is so grown up looking...time flies!

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amandajean said...

oh, I love the large version of the whirlygiggle!!! what size did you make your blocks? and you made your own template, I'm assuming? this one is going on my list whether it's a charity quilt or not! it's just stunning.