Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

This is Tamsin, Scott's sister.  Isn't she a dazzling witch? 

Tamsin asked me to sew her costume, and I did.  She chose Simplicity 0517, view D.  The pattern was pretty simple and easy to follow.  It is made to flatter a curvy figure like hers, with darts in the front and back.  If you ever try this pattern though, keep in mind that attaching 10 yards of boa by hand takes some time.  Two and a half hours for me.  That is nothing in the scheme of sewing a whole dress.  But it is a killer if you are thinking the dress is mostly done, and there is JUST the trimming left to do.           

Tamsin and I followed the tutorial from this video clip to make the hat.  Again, a great tutorial and we loved the result.  

With extra long purple lashes and a long silver wig, she is ready to scare some nieces and nephews.  Actually, they just burst into laughter.    

Jerome is Luke Sky Walker and Asha, Dorothy. 

I will add a picture of Kai and Quinn later.  Quinn fell asleep and Kai was a big mess of dribbles by the time I remembered to pull out my camera. 


Vicky said...

I have never seen a cuter Dorthy or more handsome Luke. Way to go on the witch costume you are amazing. Just where do you find the time?

Mommymita said...

Great witch costume. I like the kids too. Did you sew them?

Meredith said...

Your witch costume turned out great! Your kids are darling.

Marie' said...

The kids' costumes are hand-me-downs from San Diego friends.

adrianne said...

cute costumes! isn't it hard to believe that last time this year the fires were just ending?

T looks great!

for those of you that don't want to make costumes... has 50% off today on costumes. i was tempted to stock up for next year!

Marie' said...

The babystyle costumes were so, so cute. I was tempted to get some myself, but we need bigger costumes. Hope you guys had a good Halloween. We got rain today.

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