Thursday, July 18, 2013

Skirts for Asha

Asha was in need of some skirts that came down to her knees.  Now that she is old enough to start middle school next month, she is not so excited to model the clothes anymore.  Can you tell?     

skirt one
fabric: Walmart calico, 100% cotton
pattern: Holiday Girl Clothes, view19

skirt two
Alison gave me the four tiered skirt piece a while back.  I hemmed the side seam and put cotton/lycra knit on for the waist band.

skirt three
fabric: heavier poly/cotton blend that used to be Scott's mom's jumper
pattern: Holiday Girl Clothes, view 18
size 140


kim said...

Thanks for the skirt ideas, Eliza and I are very excited to go and see what fabric we can find to play with :-)!

Jules said...

Hey! You're blogging again! Yaay! I'm sort of thinking that now I'm starting to teach Seminary, I should re-start my blog...

Keiko said...