Monday, August 6, 2012


Saturday was spent mostly on our hands and knees.  George, our contractor came in the morning to finish putting the sub-floor down in the addition part, while Scott prepared the old part by pulling some staples and sanding off a few raised parts.

Here you see the first row being carefully laid down.

Scott's brother Colin had put his floor down when he renovated his house, so he coached us throughout the process.  Here he is teaching Jerome who had just gotten back from a week of Encampment.  Jerome helped for a couple hours and then went down stairs for what he called a "power nap".  He then slept through until the next morning.  He looked very refreshed after the 16 hour nap.  

Scott's father came and helped us, too.  He is very handy and I appreciated his calming influence, especially towards the end when we needed it.  

And here it is!  All finished!  (This picture was taken the following day.)  

Well, almost.  We were short by a fifth of a box.  We thought we carefully calculated and then bought two more boxes on top of that like you are supposed to.  We don't know what happened.  We didn't waste much either.  I keep hoping that I would walk into a box that we somehow misplaced, but so far, no luck.    

And here is the crew at 10:30(Minus Jerome. I couldn't wake him up.).  Scott and I will be forever grateful for the help of Colin and Dad.  And let's not forget Kersten who watched our children all day.  Kai and Quinn were so happy and tired when they came back that they didn't even make a peep once they were in bed.

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maeg said...

WOW! I love the new changes! The windows are my favorite part. I'm going to have to come see it next time I'm in town :) By the way, I love the "apple green" stools, too.