Thursday, May 10, 2012

progress report

We found our floor!  After all the sample ordering and warehouse hopping, we saw one that may have a possibility at Costco.  It is a darker shade bamboo.  We had seen their lighter color bamboo but it was our first time seeing this shade.  We brought a box home to see it in our kitchen.  The stain looked great with our cabinet color and we have already liked the unique pattern of bamboo.  The only concern was the finish.  It was a little more shiny than we had expected.  We had been looking at matte finishes for so long that it took a while to get used to the idea.  But after a few nights of sleep and more days of walking on it, we decided it was right for us.  We went back the following weekend to buy most of the crate.  It filled up the pickup of Scott's father's exactly up to the top.  Scott got more than a few comments from fellow Costco shoppers.  "How did you plan it so well?" was our favorite.  Of course we didn't.  It didn't even cross our minds that one should check the size of the truck bed.  None the less, it all worked out, and it is nice to have another decision made.  

Now our living room looks like this.  The garage is full of cabinet projects and the basement is too far to carry the heavy boxes to and from.          

Here is a new set of drawers Scott made last weekend.  This time he used drawer pieces from IKEA and put them together with the frame and drawer fronts he made.  Once all the cabinets are made and secured in place, Scott will set the face frames in place.  Until then this is how they look.          

That doesn't stop us from filling them up.  I love IKES's drawer dividers.  

This is what we did to the space above the ovens.   

Here are some samples of Quarts that we have been looking at every day.  We started taking votes for fun.  As much as I really love the look of Calacatta marble, it was not meant for a family like ours.  The more people we talked to, the clearer that became.  We want to keep the kitchen a happy place where we gather and enjoy each other.  Stressing out about keeping a porous stone clean that stains, etches, chips, and is expensive just didn't fit.  No matter how amazingly pretty it is.  There, nice to get that out.  Now I can move on.        

From left to right: Silestone Lyra, Cambria Torquay, Zodiaq Bianco Carrara

You are welcome to cast your vote if you like.

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