Monday, April 18, 2011

Scripture bag

This is the perfect little scripture bag for your little guy.

measurements (click picture to enlarge)

I used corduroy from my stash for the outer layer and cotton/linen for the inside and the pocket. If you use quilting weight fabric like I did for this girl version, sandwich a heavy weight fabric in between so it will hold it's shape. And here is another boy version I have made before.


カローラ said...


Marie' said...

私は自己満足してるんだけど旦那は"man purse"とか言うんだよ。失礼しちゃうよね。

Mommymita said...

Yay! all my sisters will be happy about this one - thanks!

Marie' said...

Did you like it that I drew it on a piece of paper and scanned it? One of these days I will learn how to make a nice pattern on a PDF like a big girl.