Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kai's first day of kindergarten

We can't believe this day has finally come. It was a long wait for Kai.

I hope he is having as much fun as he anticipated. I can't wait to have him back and hear all about it.


Dawn W said...

Oh, they grow up SO fast. I know it takes forever in their world, but time sure flies.

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Hope your summer went well - we will be visiting Pullman in the spring sometime - Scott needs to visit the UofI for the engineering design something. Can't wait! :)

adrianne said...

so grown up! i hope he had a great day. wouldn't it be fun if kai and han were in the same class? or maybe that wouldn't be a good idea.

カローラ said...


Melissa said...

He's so cute. I hope he loves it.

SuburbiaMom said...

WHAT! Kai is in kindergarten now?!? Where DOES the time go?

Hiroko said...