Monday, August 24, 2009

100 Quilts in 100 days: Chinese Coin Stack, finished

It is quilted and finished with a scrappy binding.  I had forgotten how fun it is to make a baby quilt.  It had been a couple years.    
I quilted it with diagonal lines, two inches apart.  My seam guide attachment worked perfectly for that, and it was very quick.  I think it is a good look for this contemporary quilt.   
I put a strip of coin stack in the back, too.  I love the back just as much as the front.  
Cousin Hannah and her family was visiting last week, and Kai enjoyed a joyous reunion.  It had been a year since we moved away from them in San Diego, but the two still remembered how much they love each other.     


adrianne said...

love the quilt but love seeing those two together even more! it was so fun seeing you guys. in true hannah form, she won't stop talking about her first real sleepover at kai's house. miss you!

Dawn W. said...

So nice, Marie. I love the clean simplicity of the lines and colors.

Dawn W. said...

Hi again! I just saw your question on my blog about how I did Luke's quilt 3-D, thought about making a tutorial, but googled one instead. It's here:

Except I used 3 1/2 inch squares instead of 2 1/2 inch squares (I imagine you could do almost any size), and 4 white with 1 colored. Kind of a fun thing to try - have fun!

Melissa said...

Has it really been a year since you moved? It seems like yesterday. The quilt is beautiful.

Dena said...

Love the baby quilt.

Meredith said...

It is beautiful! I continue to be amazed at your speed and talent :)